[2.0 Release] Multilingual support for user interface

※機械翻訳を使用しているため誤訳がある可能性があります。誤訳がありましたらTwitter @128Naまで連絡、またはGitHubへのプルリクエストをしていただけると助かります。
I have released version 2.0, which has implemented Multilingual support.
You can switch the language from the menu bar.
Language information is stored in a cookie, so subsequent access will be displayed in that language.
* The language is switched only for the item name, and the content posted by the user is not translated and is displayed in the original language.
* There may be mistranslations because machine translation is used. If there is a mistranslation, it will be helpful if you contact Twitter @128Na or make a pull request to GitHub.
投稿者: admin
投稿日時: 2019/07/18 22:26, 最終更新: 2019/07/18 22:26